Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa Experience

I wasn't sure how seeing Santa was going to go this year. Emerson talks about him all the time and knows he's going to bring her toys, but didn't know if she would go sit and talk with him. If you know Emerson, she doesn't know a stranger and will talk to anyone. I figured Palmer would probably scream, b/c she's not real excited about strangers. We went to the Enchanted Forest here at the Pink Palace Museum for Ryan's work Christmas party.

Emerson kept asking where Santa was. We told her at the end of of the animals and toys. She rushed through because she wanted to see him. We got in line to wait our turn. Ryan and I turned out heads for a second to look at Palmer and the next thing we knew everyone was laughing. Emerson had run up and bypassed everyone in the line and jumped in Santa's lap. Everyone thought it was so cute, but I made her wait her turn in line. So she got to sit in his lap again and tell him what she wants for Christmas. Needless to say, Emerson has no fear of Santa Claus. Palmer did pretty good too. She didn't cry, so we got a pretty cute picture. Of course Palmer doesn't really know what's going on with the whole Santa thing, but loved seeing all the animals and toys at the Enchanted Forest. She loves chasing around her big sister and trying to keep up.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Girls First Movie

On Thanksgiving we took the girls to see their first movie. We went to see Bolt. We debated whether or not to take Palmer with us. But she was actually the best one. My mom, sister, and neice also went with us. It was alot of fun. The girls really enjoyed it. The big girls got a kids snack pack, which they really loved. Palmer sat in my lap and ate popcorn the entire time. Here are a few pictures of our adventure.
Ryan and the girls walking up to the movie theater

My mom walking with Palmer

Ryan sitting with the girls before the movie

Emerson enjoying her popcorn

Palmer eating popcorn

Savannah and Emerson enjoying their snacks and my sister and mom in the background

Palmer watching the movie

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Girls

Just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about my girls.

Palmer is 15 months now and is just precious. She is walking everywhere, no more crawling for her. She is amazing and has the cutest personality. She is saying several words and using several signs. She can answer questions appropriately by shaking her head yes and no, it's amazing. I forget how much she can do, since she is so little. She loves to read books and play with puzzles. She is very independent and doesn't like anyone in her space. She will definitely let you know if she doesn't like what you're doing.

Emerson is 2 1/2 now and can I say ATTITUDE!!! She is fiesty, but lots of fun. She is definitely a girly girl. She love to dress up and put on makeup. She is our little actress and very dramatic. We have to really keep an eye on her, b/c she gets into everything. And smart as a whip. She amazes me everyday with what she knows. She is a great big sister and does good sharing. She likes to carry Palmer around. We're working on putting her down gently.

Both of my girls are so much fun. They both love animals and will touch any animal, wild or tame without fear. They are playing together better everyday. Here are a couple pictures of them. Emerson told me they wanted to play in her room by themselves. When it got a little too quiet, I opened the door to check on them and they were sitting there quietly each reading a book. It was so cute that I couldn't resist taking a picture. Lately I've been taking mainly pictures of all the messes they've been making, so this was great!

I can't leave out my little girl on the way. Sweet Hudson. I'm 26 weeks now and feeling her kick all the time. Emerson talks about her all the time. She always says that Hudson has to grow so she can get big, so Emerson can hold her. I've started working on Hudson's nursery. I'm sewing several things for it. I'll post pictures when I'm done, but it'll be a while. I can't wait until the first of March to see her sweet face and hold her for the first time. I'm so lucky to have three sweet little girls.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Palmer is Walking!!!!

Palmer has been walking now for a little over a week. She still crawls a lot, b/c it's faster but walks more and more every day. She can stand up from the floor by herself and is so proud of herself when she walks. She did not want to preform for the camera. She would walk really far when the camera was off, then only take a couple of steps with the camera on. Here are a couple of videos.

Palmer taking a few steps.

Palmer standing up by herself and taking a few steps.

Palmer standing up by herself and taking a few steps when she didn't know I was recording her, then my camera died, so I missed all of it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!!!

Emerson dressed up as a horse and Palmer dressed up as a cowgirl. They had a blast last night! We went to our church with some friends. They had trunk or treat, games in the gym, and food. Emerson picked up very quickly that all she has to say is trick or treat she people hand her candy. She was so cute doing it. Palmer followed behind her in her stroller. Then we went to our friends house, The Wrights, and went trick or treating on their street. The big girls had lots of fun trick or treating and the little ones had fun riding in the wagon. The weather was great. We stayed at the Wrights and let the kids eat some candy and play for a while. We ended our long evening by going by our friends Liz and Clay's house to show off the girls in their coustumes. We had fun hanging out with them and the girls enjoyed playing. Here are some pictures from our fun and exciting evening.

Palmer as a cowgirl and Emerson as a horse.

My little cowgirl

The girls again.

Palmer, Emerson, and Julia
Davis as Goofy and Julia as Lady
Davis and Julia again

Palmer with her gun

Emerson at trunk or treat

Julia and Emerson getting more candy

My cowgirl hanging out

My girls

The clan - Davis, Julia, Emerson, and Palmer

The three muskateers - Emerson, Chloe, and Julia

Emerson and Julia fishing for ducks

Emerson digging for treats

Going trick or treating - Emerson, Chloe, Palmer, and Quinn

Palmer enjoyoing the ride

Emerson trick or treating

Chloe and Emerson trick or treating

A Day at the Nephrologists Office

We went to the neurologist yesterday. We went to Dr. Noel Delos Santos. I really liked him. However, I hate the UT system. It is horrible! We were there forever!!! I've heard from my old clients how horrible the system is and I lived it yesterday. Palmer had a rought time, b/c she was hungry and tired. Anyway, to the results.

Dr. Santos still thinks that she has Type 1 RTA. He does not believe it is hereditary. He thinks it's due to a Vitamin D deficiancy. So he has put Palmer on a multivitamin and continuing her bicarbinate supplement. The doctor seems to think this is something she could possibly out grow after being on the medicines for a while, it may not be lifelong for her, which was great news. The renal ultrasound showed that her kidneys are normal and there were no calcium deposits (which is the doctor was worried about). Her kidneys are in the 5th percentile for size, but that's normal for her since she is in the 3rd percentile. So, Palmer will take her medicines for the next two months and we go back to the Nephrologist then to see how they are effecting her. Hopefully, she will grow and start to catch up a little bit.

We had a nutritionist come talk to us at the doctor's office about what Palmer eats and if that could be a possibility as to why she is small. But if you know Palmer very well at all, you know that's not the problem. She can eat most people under the table, including me. The nutritionist was very surprised at how much and the variety of what Palmer eats.The other thing is that the doctor wants us to go to see a geneticist. Palmer's glucose is a little low and that combined with her being so small could add up to something. The doctor thinks it's not very likely, but wants to make sure. So now we have to start the process to get an appointment with a geneticist.

So bacially, more waiting. Wait to see if she grows over the next two months and if the supplements are helping her. And wait to see the geneticist, which I've heard can be a long wait. Through all of this, Palmer has been great! She is a very very happy and playful little girl. She has the funniest and cutest personality and makes me laugh everyday. I just love her so much. I'll keep you all posted on her progress.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Latest On Palmer

Well, to catch everyone up. We've been doing blood tests and urine tests on Palmer for over a month now to try and figure out if there is a reason that she is so small. The last urine test showed something. The doctor called me back after he talked to the Nephrologist and said they think she might have type 1 Renal Tubular Acidosis (RTA). So, they are starting her on some medicine, Bicitra, three times a day. It is very bitter tasting, so it's not going to be fun to get down her. We start it this afternoon. Tomorrow we are going to Methodist Germantown for a renal ultrasound, an ultrasound on her kidneys. Then Friday, we have an appointment with the Nephrologist to go over the results of the ultrasound and discuss everything. So, hopefully we will finally have some answers. The only thing that this is effecting is her size, developmentally she is doing great.

I'm doing okay with everything. In everything that could be wrong, this is minor. This is something that is managable. I'm just ready to get it all figured out. So be praying for us this week as Palmer is poked and proded at. You can't help but fall in love with this beautiful smiling girl!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Pictures

I really wanted to go to a fun pumpkin patch and doing something extravagant, however, life around our house has been very crazy and busy. It's hard to find time between Ryan's schedule, birthday parties, weddings, out of town trips, and just life. So I had to settle for some pictures with a few pumpkins. I still think they turned out pretty cute. Here are a few pictures of Emerson and Palmer in their matching pumpkin dresses I made for them.

Fun at the Children's Museum

We went to the children's museum here in Memphis with a few friends about a week ago. Emerson and Palmer both had a blast. Here are a few pictures.

Julia and Emerson dressing up.
Palmer dressing up too!

Marianna and Emerson dancing.

Marianna as a monster.

The girls brushing some big teeth!

Emerson and Palmer on the motorcycle. Emerson is squeezing a little too tight.

Palmer and the dalmation.

Emerson driving the firetruck.

Palmer crawling under the dog.

Emerson painting.

Where's Palmer?


Marianna, Julia, and Emerson painting.

The girls playing!

Emerson and Marianna shopping.

Emerson checking out.

Davis and Palmer playing.
Palmer riding the horse.

The girls in the police car.

Emerson doing the butterfly. I swear she did not learn that dance move at home!

Emerson shaking her booty.