Sunday, July 27, 2008

Exciting News

We wanted to let all of our friends and family know about our exciting news. We are having a baby! Yes, believe it or not baby number 3 is on the way. I am 8 weeks along and have already gone to the doctor and seen the heartbeat. What an amazing sight! My due date is March 11. We are very excited!! Emerson and Palmer are 17 months apart and Palmer and this one will be 18 months apart. I know many of you may think we're crazy, but we're so excited and looking forward to it. As many of you know, I am a serious planner, so you won't be surprised to hear that we already have a name picked out. Whether the baby is a boy or girl, their name will be Hudson. We are still debating on the middle names, we each have our preferences. Please be praying for us over these next months for a happy heathly baby. We will keep everyone updated on any news.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Few Pics

Here are a few recent pictures from around the house.

Palmer tuckered out after a long day of playing.
The girls drinking their cups in the boppy together.
Emerson looks so old to me in this picture.
Palmer striking a pose.
Me?? What did I do?
These Kleenex sure are fun to shred!
Say cheese!
Two happy girls!
Sweet Emerson
My angels.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Playgroup Baby Shower

At playgroup today, we had a baby shower for Angie Luce and Baby Adrienne. It was kind of wild with all the kids running around, but lots of fun. We all wanted to help celebrate the Luce's new addition, Adrienne.
Angie and the girls

Pretty Table

The kiddos playing Davis playing

Palmer, Joshua, Emerson, and Quinn
Quinn and Palmer
Davis and Lilliana

Cailynn Palmer having fun!
The girls blowing whistles
Adrienne snug as a bug
Fun with a parachute

Angie reading to the girls

Sleeping PalmerThe girls sneaking food from the table
Emerson and Sullivan
Sweet Adrienne

Emerson and Marianna playing in the curtains

Julia and Chloe hiding behind the curtains
Emerson and her new bud, Sullivan
Emerson, Sullivan, Dalton, and Julia

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July

We had a great Fourth of July. Our church, Faith Baptist, puts on a great fireworks show. We met a bunch of friends out there and had a picnic, let the kids play, and watched the fireworks.

Daddy and his two patriotic girls!
Emerson with attitude
Typical Palmer, two fingers in her mouth
Matt and the kids playing
Amelia, Julia, Chloe, and Emerson playing ring around the rosie
Emerson, Quinn, Julia, and Chloe
Quinn and Chloe in their cute matching outfits
Chloe and Emerson

Emerson chilling
Amelia, Steve, and Emerson
Amelia's way of watching the fireworks, too cute!
Chloe, Emerson, and Marianna
Matt and Chloe

Palmer watching the fireworks
Emerson and Daddy watching the fireworks
More fireworks
Quinn beating up on Palmer, like usual (Look at that look she's giving him)

Emerson packing up
Julia and Emerson
Chloe, Julia, and Emerson eating chips together
Palmer, Quinn, and Davis
Sweet Baby Adrienne

Lilliana getting her first bath at the park
Nathan playing with the girls The three muskateers
Julia pulling Emerson in the wagon
Brandy pulling the girls in the wagon.