Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shangri-La 2010

Shangri-La is a family tradition for our family. We go to Lake Ouchita every summer for a week with my family and friends from back home. It's great! So relaxing! We just swim, go out in the boat, eat, and relax all week. Here are some pictures:

As soon as we got to our cabin, Hudson immediately found this cabinet she could climb in.

Sweet Cousin Noah

Emerson, Savannah, and Palmer playing Leapster

Savannah, Lorrie, and Emerson ready to go out on the boat.

Hudson in her shades

Palmer and Hudson ready for the sun

Little Noah

Hudson playing in Gigi's room

Savannah and Emerson in the pool

Emerson holding Noah

Palmer holding Noah

Savannah taking a break from swimming for a snack

Palmer playing with the water

Palmer chilling in her boat