Friday, July 16, 2010

My Crazy Girls

My girls are so much fun and just full of life. Here's a little glimpse of some crazy times and fun around here:
Hudson enjoying some cake

Exhausted Hudson
Palmer after sneaking a brownie to nap time

Sweet Palmer

Emerson putting on her own play makeup

Emerson enjoying some king cake

Swim Lessons

Emerson and Palmer took swim lessons from Kristi and Chuck Trisdale. I was amazed at how much they learned. Before lessons Emerson wouldn't put her face in the water and Palmer was scared of the water. By the end of the week they were both swimming as you can see in the videos below. I now have two little fish.

The swim group
Ms. Kristi and Palmer

Palmer "monkey crawling"
Here is a video of Palmer floating on her back and monkey crawling on the side

Here is a video of Palmer swimming from Ms. Kristi to Mr. Chuck

Emerson swimming underwater to Ms. Kristi

Emerson swimming through the hoop

Emerson swimming on her back with Ms. Kristi

Emerson jumping in

Emerson swimming to Mr. Chuck

Emerson floating on her back and monkey crawling on the wall

Emerson swimming from Ms. Kristi to Mr. Chuck

Fun at the Sprinkler Park

There is a great Sprinkler Park here in Collierville at Johnson Park. The girls love to go play at it. Here are a few pictures of the girls playing with their friends at the park.

Emerson's First Dance Recital

Emerson took dance at Miss Pat's School of Dance. She loved every minute of it. She took ballet, tap, and jazz. Her and her friend Amelia took together. She was so cute at the recital.

Emerson getting into the routine with her bear
Dance, dance, dance

Emerson definitely knew her routine

Emerson and Amelia performing!

Emerson was soooo excited bout her tulips

Showing off her twirl

Grandma Jones Retires

Ryan's mom retired in May, so we all headed down to Franklinton, LA to help her celebrate. Her company had a nice dinner for her. Then the next day, Grandpa and Grandma took the grandkids to Global Wildlife Center, a place to see and feed zebra, giraffes, cows, deer, etc. It was soooo hot, but the kids had a blast.

Our family photo at the retirement dinner

Hudson and Keegan playing

Hudson, Anison, and Keegan

Grandma visiting with coworkers

Anison, Keegan, and Emerson

Grandpa getting some Palmer love

Grandma giving her speech

Family Photo

Ryan, Uncle Darren, and Grandpa taking the kids fishing
The kids looking at the kangaroos at Global Wildlife
Emerson, Anison, and Amarie waiting on the tram to go feed the animals

Grandpa Jones and Hudson

Palmer ready to feed some animals

Emerson ready to feed the animals

Grandpa, Hudson, Keegan, and Aunt Shannon

Hudson checking out the feed

Hudson feeding the deer

The girls feeding the zebra

Cousin Pres feeding the big Cow

Emerson excited about feeding the llama

Baby Noah-What an Adventure!

Noah Anthony Hobson, my nephew, has been pretty dramatic already. Kelley's (my sister) water broke on May 5th. I got the call in Memphis and immediately made plans to go to Shreveport with the girls to see my sweet nephew born. Well, he had other plans. Noah is just like his daddy, he just can't sit still. Kelley's water broke, but they think it was just a small tear, b/c there was enough fluid to keep Noah safe inside for another week and a half. The girls and I got to spend a little time with Kelley while in the hospital, then we had to head home b/c we didn't know when little Noah was going to make his debut. Shortly after we arrived home, the doctor decided to schedule Kelley's c-section for May 14th. Just after Noah's arrival we headed back to Shreveport to see Noah.

Noah was born on May 14th, at 33 weeks. He went to the NICU and was there for 4 weeks. Luckily, I was one of the few who were able to see Noah in the NICU. The girls couldn't see him, but were happy to play with their cousin Savannah. A few weeks later we went back to Shreveport when Noah was able to come home from the hospital and everyone was able to hold him and love on him. Noah is doing great and growing like a weed!

Kelley awaiting Noah's arrival
Gigi reading to the girls at the hospital

Hudson taking a nap at the bassinet in Kelley's hospital room

Hudson and Uncle Tony

Emerson loving on Aunt Kel (Kelley may kill me for putting this picture on here)

Waiting, waiting, and waiting at the hospital

Sweet Noah in the NICU

Noah and Daddy

Sweet Noah

Noah again

Noah and Mommy

Happy mommy and daddy

Little Tiger

Wide awake

Me holding Noah for the first time

Sweet Photo

Noah at home for the first day

Family Photo

Emerson holding Noah for the first time

Sweet cousins

Noah's first bath