Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Fun!!

Here are some pictures of the girls playing in the snow today. For us, living in Memphis and being from Louisiana, this is snow. We don't get it very often and it's a treat when we do get a little bit. Emerson woke up this morning so excited yelling, "Mommy the snow came back!!!". Emerson really liked playing in it and didn't want to go inside. Palmer enjoyed most of it, she just didn't like when she face planted in the snow and it got on her face. We also went on a walk with the wagon around the neighborhood to see all the snow. The girls had a lot of fun!

Palmer's first touch of snow
Emerson and Palmer in the snow

Emerson making a snow angel
Palmer making a snow angel and not knowing what to think

The girls cheesing for the camera

Palmer walking in the snow

Emerson making another snow angel, she loved doing this

Wanting to make a snowman, but not having enough snow

A snow walk

Palmer not liking the snow on her face

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Boudreaux's Explosion

Emerson and Palmer have moved into the same room to make more room for Hudson coming in six weeks. We trained Palmer to sleep in a toddler bed in her room first, then moved it into Emerson's room. She hasn't slept in it one since it's been in Emerson's room. She likes to sleep in the bed with Emerson. Of course it now takes them much longer to go to sleep because they like to play, but it's working out.

One night, Emerson found the tub of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. She decided to paint her and Palmer's hair, face, and pjs. She also thought it would be fun to paint her baby, pillows, sheets, headboard, and wall. I heard them giggling and went to check them. The second I opened the door Emerson said "I'm sorry mommy!". I immediately knew they were into something. They were having a blast getting messy together. So, for those who need to know, Dawn dishwashing soap applied several times gets Boudreaux's out of hair. They had greasy hair for a couple of days. That's life with a very mischievious 2 1/2 year old and a 16 month old who does anything with her sister.

Here's a picture of my two angels sleeping together in the same bed:

Here's what they looked like when I walked in:

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Too Much Christmas

We had way too much Christmas this year. But had lots of fun! The girls got way too much of course. Here our some of our Christmas pictures from Memphis, Shreveport, and Leland, MS.

Christmas at Home in Memphis

Making cookies for Santa

Palmer, my little present

Wanting to eat Santa's cookies

Santa was good to the girls-dollhouse, vanity, train table and lots of other goodies

The girls and Daddy opening presents and stockings from Santa

Palmer eating chocolate Christmas morning

Emerson playing at her makeup table (as she calls it)

Palmer playing with the train table

Christmas in Shreveport

The cousins playing

Palmer, Emerson, and Savannah trying to sit still for a picture by the tree

Daddy opening presents with the girls

Emerson and Savannah opening more presents

Palmer feeding her new baby

Palmer opening a present

Emerson in her new dressup dress and trying to get into her new makeup (Thanks Gigi)

Sweet Palmer

The Family

The girls playing with their new tea set from Aunt Lorrie

Palmer Bug playing with a bag

The girls playing with Savannah's new Barbie house

Savannah and Kelley with their new cars!!

All the girls riding in the new Escalade

Too Cute!!!

Palmer opening her new ballpit
Emerson opeing her new easel

Palmer and Aunt Lorrie

Fun in the ball pit, it's huge!!!

Christmas in Leland with the Jones

Meeting Cousin Keegan for the first time

Aunt Shannon and Baby Keegan
Uncle Darren handing out treats

Emerson opening presents

Palmer riding on her new tiger

Baby Keegan-Born Dec 10

Playing Go Fish

Grandpa and Keegan haning out

Anison and Palmer playing

Palmer, Keegan, Grandpa, and Holly

Pres and Aninson holding their baby sister

The five cousins all lined up