Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Latest On Palmer

Well, to catch everyone up. We've been doing blood tests and urine tests on Palmer for over a month now to try and figure out if there is a reason that she is so small. The last urine test showed something. The doctor called me back after he talked to the Nephrologist and said they think she might have type 1 Renal Tubular Acidosis (RTA). So, they are starting her on some medicine, Bicitra, three times a day. It is very bitter tasting, so it's not going to be fun to get down her. We start it this afternoon. Tomorrow we are going to Methodist Germantown for a renal ultrasound, an ultrasound on her kidneys. Then Friday, we have an appointment with the Nephrologist to go over the results of the ultrasound and discuss everything. So, hopefully we will finally have some answers. The only thing that this is effecting is her size, developmentally she is doing great.

I'm doing okay with everything. In everything that could be wrong, this is minor. This is something that is managable. I'm just ready to get it all figured out. So be praying for us this week as Palmer is poked and proded at. You can't help but fall in love with this beautiful smiling girl!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Pictures

I really wanted to go to a fun pumpkin patch and doing something extravagant, however, life around our house has been very crazy and busy. It's hard to find time between Ryan's schedule, birthday parties, weddings, out of town trips, and just life. So I had to settle for some pictures with a few pumpkins. I still think they turned out pretty cute. Here are a few pictures of Emerson and Palmer in their matching pumpkin dresses I made for them.

Fun at the Children's Museum

We went to the children's museum here in Memphis with a few friends about a week ago. Emerson and Palmer both had a blast. Here are a few pictures.

Julia and Emerson dressing up.
Palmer dressing up too!

Marianna and Emerson dancing.

Marianna as a monster.

The girls brushing some big teeth!

Emerson and Palmer on the motorcycle. Emerson is squeezing a little too tight.

Palmer and the dalmation.

Emerson driving the firetruck.

Palmer crawling under the dog.

Emerson painting.

Where's Palmer?


Marianna, Julia, and Emerson painting.

The girls playing!

Emerson and Marianna shopping.

Emerson checking out.

Davis and Palmer playing.
Palmer riding the horse.

The girls in the police car.

Emerson doing the butterfly. I swear she did not learn that dance move at home!

Emerson shaking her booty.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

House Full of Girls!!!!

Just wanted to let eveyone know that it's another GIRL!!!! That's right Hudson is a girl! We are very excited. Ryan is definitely out numbered. Three girls in three years! Emerson and Palmer have so much fun playing together and with both be great big sisters! I can't wait to get busy planning a new pink nursery and sewing three matching dresses now instead of two!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Palmer's Most Recent Test Results

I heard from the doctor this evening. Palmer's bicardinate level is still a little low. So, he is going to talk to the nephrologist to get his opinion. To see if the nephrologist wants us to see him and follow Palmer or if the level isn't low enought to worry about. The doctor said he wouldn't get a chance to talk to him until at least Thursday, so we are just waiting again. Also, some good news. Last time Palmer's phosphorus level was low, this time it was normal. Which is good, b/c it was be an indicator of RTA. I will let everyone know once we hear back from the doctor.