Monday, February 1, 2010

My Baby Girl

My sweet baby girl, Hudson, is already 11 months old. I can't believe it!! She is such a joy! She has the best smile and cutest personality. She likes to move, move, move!! The others girls weren't this active at her age. She loves to stand and cruise on everything. She would rather stand than anything else. She likes to hold on with one hand and wave with the other. She is saying several words. Her favorites are mama, dada, hi, and bye. It's easy as the third child to get passed by, so I really wanted to put a few pictures of just my little Hudson.

Hudson love some Cheetos!! She loves to eat in general, she will eat anything you put in front of her, she hadn't eaten baby food in three months.
Hudson's first time with a marker. She found it somewhere and had a little fun before we got to her. She's following in Emerson's footsteps.

I love that expression

My sweetie pie!

So tired, she gave it up in her highchair!

Let It Snow!

This past week we got some snow and ice. The first day it was snow, so I let the girls go outside and play for a little bit in the snow. They had so much fun. However, the next few days we were iced in and they were so stir crazy.

Emerson and Palmer going out to the snow
Emerson throwing a snowball at me

Hudson checking out the snow

Hudson trying to see if she likes the cold snow

Palmer having fun in the snow

The Girls First Trip to Chuck E Cheese

Our friends from across the street were moving to Washington State. They have a precious little girl, Ava, who is Emerson's age. As a going away playdate, a bunch of us went to Chuck E Cheese. It was my girls first time to go there. They had SOOOOO much fun! They ask all the time now to go back.

New Years Eve

For New Years Eve, we had a few friends over. The kids has a blast playing and having a slumber party. The women enjoyed chit chatting and the guys enjoyed playing Wii. Here are a few pictures from our evening.

Emerson, Amelia, and Shea being silly

The girls

Hudson and her buddy Walt

Sweet Hudson

Sweet Walt

Nash playing with the girls

Walt and Hudson

The girls all ready for their movie

Comfy and Cozy

Watching a movie

Me, Laura, and Annah Mary

Steve, Jon, and Ryan playing Wii

Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas. First, Santa visited the girls at home in Memphis. Then we went to Ryan's family in Franklinton, LA, then we went to my family's in Shreveport, LA. Ryan actually got a whole week off work and it was nice to see everyone.

Here is what Santa left for the girls. Yes, that is a swing set in our living room. And it is now in the back yard. Santa did not want to put it together in the cold and dark.

Husdon enjoying her loot.

Palmer loves the swing!

Emerson is all about the princesses!

The big girls enjoying their fold out princess couches.

Grandpa Jones and Palmer

Cousin Keegan

Cousin Pres

Cousin Amarie

Cousin Anison

Hudson and MawMaw Dot

Making Gingerbread houses

Hudson and Keegan

Grandpa and Emerson cooking

Christmas in the Oaks in New Orleans

Grandpa and some of his girls looking at lights

My girls wainting on the train ride

Finally, we all get to ride the train

Some cousins on the couch

All the cousins in front of the tree

On to Shreveport, Palmer and Gigi

Mimi (Bess) and Husdon Bess

Aunt Kelley and the girls

Emerson LOVES strawberry shortcake!

Hudson gets a swing!

Savannah and her Big Sis shirt

Palmer and Elmo

Palmer loves her umbrella

Hudson loves her lion walker

Sweet Palmer

Savannah lost two teeth

The girls making a rice crispy Christmas house