Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Emerson!

Today was Emerson's third birthday. I can't believe my baby is three! We had a fun day. We had a great photo shoot with Elizabeth Wiggs. Then we went to celebrate at Mamma Mia's Pizzeria. It's a new place in Cordova where the kids get to make their own pizza. We thought it would be something that she would like and she loved it! Then we went to the Cookie Company and had cookie cake and cookies. Here are some pictures from our day. There are a few others of the girls around the house. Enjoy!
Birthday Girl!!
Emerson and Palmer saying "CHEERS!". Their new favorite thing to do at the table.

Emerson shaking her booty. Another favorite thing to do!

Palmer enjoying some food.

Emerson and Palmer dancing

Hudson hanging out

Emerson putting the sauce on her pizza

Putting on some cheese

More cheese

Emerson loves pepperoni!!

Palmer getting some drink

Hudson hanging out

Ta-Da! Look at my pizza I made

The family at Mamma Mia's celebrating Emerson's 3rd birthday

Emerson about to eat the pizza she made

Enjoying some pepperoni

Emerson enjoying some cookie cake for her birthday

Palmer enjoying a big cookie
Picking off all the icing
It's my cake!

Say cheese!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Palmer Update

Thought I would update everyone on Palmer, it's been a while. As most of you know, we've been concerned that Palmer is small. We've been to the Nephrologist a couple of times now. Dr. Delos Santos diagnosed her with Renal Tubular Acidosis (RTA) and put her on medication for it. He thinks the cause of it was a definicincy of Vitatmin D, so she's also on a multivitamin. The results of her last labwork showed normal levels of Vitamin D, but her bicardonate is still in the low normal range, so he increased her medicine. She is still growing, but at a small rate. The medicine is supposed to make her grow faster, but it hasn't done that. We went for her 18 month check up and she weighed 17 pounds, 6 ounces and was I believe 28 inches. Because the medication doesn't seem to be doing anything we have been referred to the Endocrinologist. I don't know all the details of what an Endocrinologist does, but I know he specializes in glands and growth. So we'll see what happens. Please be praying for us and Palmer. She has a nephrology appointment April 3rd and an endocrinology appointment April 8th. Hopefully we'll know more then. Poor baby just hates being poked and proded at. Personally, Ryan and I still think she is just petite. Being small definitely doesn't slow her down! She is fiesty as ever and can definitely hold her own. Her favorite thing to do right now is give her baby sister kisses all the time.

I have a hard time posting about just one of my girls, so I have to put a tidbit in about my other two. Emerson is going to be three next week, I can't believe it. She is just as independent as ever and very opinionated! I know she gets that from me. She's such a good big sister, she loves to help out with Hudson. Hudson is almost three weeks old now. She is just a wonderful baby. She's adjusted well to having two big sisters who want to hold her and be in her face all the time. She is doing great at night and on her schedule. She is a sweet, cuddly little baby. I just love my three girls so much. My camera is broken right now, so that's why there are no pictures with this posting. I've ordered one, so get ready more pictures to come soon!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Zoo

Yesterday we went on our first family outing as a family of five to the zoo. We met up with some friends. I've been stir crazy and figured Hudson could use some fresh air. Emerson was so excited to see some of her friends. It was a beautiful day at the zoo, but also crowded. We has lots of fun!! Here are a few pictures:

Davis and Palmer haning out
Ryan will the kiddos looking at the Panda Bear

Our Family


Hudson sleeping in her sling

Palmer and Quinn

Emerson hitching a ride with Daddy

Julia, Emerson, and Chloe looking at the giraffes

Palmer and Emerson waiting on mommy to finish feeding Hudson so we can go home

Palmer checking out the toys in the gift shop

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hudson is one week old!!

Hudson turned one week old yestereday. She is such a sweet, cuddly baby. We're really enjoying her! My mom stayed this week with us to help out with the girls. Emerson and Palmer just love to love on her, sometimes a little too much. We are getting adjusted to having three little ones around the house. Here are some pictures from our last week. Everything from the girls loving on her to them giving her a bottle to friends visiting to her first bath to a one week celebration. Enjoy!