Friday, June 27, 2008

The Beach!!!!!!!

We went to the beach this week with our family. My brother-in-law, sister-in-law, neice and nephew went (Darren, Shannon, Anison, and Pres). My sister and other neice also went (Kelley and Savannah). We all stayed in a condo together. We had a lot of fun and the kids had a blast! My best friend Kim Davis and her family also stayed in the complex. It was fun getting to see everyone.

This was Emerson and Palmer's first time to go to the beach. Emerson loved the sand, she could've played in it all day. Palmer tasted the sand a few times and enjoyed touching it and the water. I've definitely got two beach babes! They are definitely both swimmers. Emerson swam all over the place with her floaties and even one time without them. :) Palmer loved the water. She splashed with her hands and kicked with her feet. It was soooo cute. They both had a blast playing with their cousins. Here are some pictures:

The Jones
Emerson's first steps on the sand
Savannah's first steps on the sand
The most sand Emerson had ever seen!
Emerson's first look at the ocean
Savannah's first beach experience
Building sand castles with Daddy
Mommy and Palmer in the water
(Can you believe I actually put a picture of me in my bathing suit?)
More sand castles
Daddy and Palmer in the ocean

The family in the water
Palmer experiencing the ocean
My little fish
Emerson and Savannah in the pool
Carson, Kim's youngest, what a cutie!

Savannah, Emerson, Anison, and Pres ready to go to the beach!
Palmer ready to go to the beach!
The girls holding hands
The boys!
Bathing beauty!

Everyone making sand castles
Aunt Shannon, Anison, Uncle Darren, and Pres
Pres scooping up sand
Aunt Shannon and Anison
As Emerson would say, "TA DA!!"

The kids playing in the condo
Ryan reading to the big girls
An ice chest can be so much fun!
Three way cousin hug
Anison and Emerson in their cherry bating suits

Pres riding the waves with Daddy
Carson eating sand, he couldn't get enough
Sand mustache
Emerson in the sand
Palmer in the sand

All the Jones
Aunt Kelley, Ryan, and the girls at the souviner store
Playing in the rocks
Eating at Lamberts, the place where they throw rolls
I caught a roll!

I like the rolls too!
Kendall and Palmer (Asher and McKenzie in the background)
Asher eating the bread
Anison, what a cute pic!
Ryan and Darren deep sea fishing

Donovan caught a fish!
The men and their fish! They caught enough that we ate it for dinner!
Emerson playing with the water
And the sand
Anison and her net

Pres and his net
Palmer and Daddy at the beach
Sweet Palmer
I love this picture!

Kendall and Palmer
Palmer eating sand and that's our condo in the background
Asher carrying sand to the sand castle
My girls at the beach
Palmer in the pool

Emerson in the pool
Palmer hanging out at the kiddie pool
Anison and Palmer
Emerson hanging out
Kisses from cousins
Anison, Palmer, and Pres
Savannah and Emerson
Anison pushing Palmer around the kiddie pool in her boat
Pres playing with his ball
All the girls playing