Monday, June 9, 2008


We have started a playgroup in our Sunday School class. There were several stay at home moms with kids all the same age. We've had so much fun. I'm so thankful for this group of girls. We've been at Faith Baptist for almost a year. Since playgroup I've really gotten to become close friends with some amazing Christian women. We grow closer each week and our kids have so much fun together. Here are some pictures from a few things we've done. We went to the zoo and one day we went to the park.

An Evening at the Zoo
Brandy, Me, and Melody with the kiddos

All of us on the train at the zoo

Marianna, Emerson, Julia, Chloe, and Quinn holding hands.

The girls in the Sea Lion Bubble.

Daddy and Daughters on the carousel

More carousel

Lilliana and Melody

A Day At the Park
Quinn, Lilliana, Davis, and Palmer hanging out

Melody with a lapful of babies
Sweet little Palmer

Palmer and Quinn playing

The girls taking a break at the park.

Julia, Emerson, Chloe, and ChanningJulia, Emerson, and Chloe holding hands
Is this cute or what?

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