Monday, February 1, 2010

Alpine Village and Starry Nights

We stayed so buy over the Christmas holidays. Two of the activities we did was Alpine Village at Trinity Baptist Church and Starry Nights. The girls had a blast at Alpine Village. There were little cottages set up all over their gym where the girls got to make something to take home, we also saw a puppet show, Wisemen, fake snow, and Santa Claus.

When we arrived we ran into Emerson's friend Julia
Puppet Show

Emerson decorating a gingerbread cookie

Palmer getting reindeer food

Emerson throwing snow

And throwing it on herself, she loved it!

Rocking on the rocking horses

Checking out the Wisemen gifts for baby Jesus

Santa and the girls

Starry Nights was an outside light display that you drive through. The girls had so much fun looking at all the lights. Here are a couple of pictures to get an idea.

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