Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Fun!!

Here are some pictures of the girls playing in the snow today. For us, living in Memphis and being from Louisiana, this is snow. We don't get it very often and it's a treat when we do get a little bit. Emerson woke up this morning so excited yelling, "Mommy the snow came back!!!". Emerson really liked playing in it and didn't want to go inside. Palmer enjoyed most of it, she just didn't like when she face planted in the snow and it got on her face. We also went on a walk with the wagon around the neighborhood to see all the snow. The girls had a lot of fun!

Palmer's first touch of snow
Emerson and Palmer in the snow

Emerson making a snow angel
Palmer making a snow angel and not knowing what to think

The girls cheesing for the camera

Palmer walking in the snow

Emerson making another snow angel, she loved doing this

Wanting to make a snowman, but not having enough snow

A snow walk

Palmer not liking the snow on her face

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