Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How do you get Sharpie off of skin?

I came downstairs after only a couple of minutes of putting clean clothes away and this is what I saw. Palmer's face covered in bright blue sharpie smiling at me. Emerson had a little on her face and chest. And my living room wall was now blue. I was immediately angry, but had to pause and take a picture first before punishing Emerson. It's times like this that you just have to laugh, don't get me wrong Emerson definitley knew she did wrong. Next step was to get the sharpie off. Palmer has eczema and sensitive skin, so I called the Pediatrician's office. They said soap, water, and time is all I could do. Other things would dry out her skin and I definitley don't want to put anything on her face. So, hopefully it will be gone soon. I'm sure it will still be there tonight at church, I just hope it's gone by Palmer's birthday party on Saturday. I scrubbed the best I could with soap and water. It is definitley lighter, but you can still see it. Oh well, what can I do. Here are some picture for your laughter.

What I saw when I came downstairs
My blue girl
The culprit
All smiles
More blue
This is my wall above my couch in the living room
Emerson mad at me for taking a picture
Time to scrub!


Laura said...

That's awesome! LOL! I hope if comes off before her party, but even if it doesn't, it'll be a great memory to look back on. :)

Melody said...


I would say that this is not to bad considering that she got the right color.

Go Tigers!

Clay Burchett

Angie said...

That is hilarious! Palmer certainly didn't seem upset with the face painting =)

Laura said...

Hey Tracy! I tagged you on my blog. Check it out to see what you do! (FYI: My feelings won't be hurt if you choose not to participate.)

Carie said...

Oh no! That's hilarious! I will forever be weary of sharpies in the house thanks to this post :)

angier said...

I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in this insanity called motherhood. :) Emerson doesn't look remorseful at all!! Hilarious!!