Saturday, July 4, 2009

The 4th of July

We've had a fun weekend so far. Ryan had to work all day and all night on the 4th, so we had a little family fun on the 3rd to celebrate. Emerson got a new pool and the girls swam in that. We played outside and had fun while daddy grilled for us. On the 4th, I braved going out to a festival all my myself with all three. We had a blast and the girls were really good. Emerson got to jump on several bounce houses and the big girls got to ride Thomas the train. The biggest surprise of all was getting to meet Dora!! The girls loved that! Hudson of course slept through most of the festivities

Palmer sliding down the fish slide
Emerson sliding

Palmer playing in the spraying water

Palmer playing with the water table
Fun with the tricycle
Daddy grilling some good food!

Chowing down! The girls love to eat outside!

Hudson hanging out in her red white and blue

My three patriotic girls

Emerson climbing up

And sliding down

Emerson jumping

Riding the train

Thomas the train

Hudson snoozing

Eating snowcones

Getting patriotic tatoos

Palmr decorating her cup

Meeting Dora!!

Eating dinner, Hudson actually woke up for that
Tomorrow night we're supposed to go see fireworks that our church puts on. Hopefully it doesn't rain, so the girls will get to see some great fireworks and get to hang out with their friends. Right now the girls are supposed to be in bed, but they are staring out the window in their bedroom watching all the neighbors fireworks. They are amazed with them.

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