Thursday, August 6, 2009

Princess Breakfast

Emerson and her cousins, Anison and Savannah, went to breakfast with Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. They had so much fun! A place here in Memphis called Glitz N Glam does birthday parties and princess camps. Over the summer they did some princess breakfasts and the girls were able to go to it. Emerson was really excited b/c Snow White is her favorite princess! Snow White did the girls' nails and makeup and Sleeping Beauty did their hair. The girls got to have breakfast, do a craft, have storytime, and even do the Hokey Pokey with the princess. Here are some pictures of our princesses having a blast:

Princess Anison, Princess Emerson, and Princess Savannah
Emerson and Sleeping Beauty

Snow White doing Emerson's nails

Snow White doing Emerson's makeup

Emerson checking out her makeup in the mirror

Sleeping Beauty doing Anison's hair

Snow White doing Savannah's nails

Snow White doing Savannah's makeup

Anison getting her nails done

Anison looking in the mirror

Sleeping Beauty doing Emerson's hair

Sleeping Beauty doing Savannah's hair

Snow White and Emerson

Princess glitter hair

Emerson showing Snow White that she has a collar just like her

Emerson posing with the princesses

The girls eating breakfast

Snow White serving breakfast

The princesses serving breakfast

Anison eating a princess donut

Emerson and Sleeping Beauty doing a craft

Dancing with the princesses

Story time with Snow White

Emerson wouldn't be quiet during the story!

Getting a treat from Sleeping Beauty

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angier said...

How fun! I'm gonna have to take Presley!! Really cute pics!