Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Totally 80's Party

Annah Mary turned 30 this past weekend and she had a 80's themed party. It was so much fun. It think the most fun was seeing everyone in their costumes! Here are some pictures :

The Jones from the 80's

Ryan and Tracy

Palmer with her Mohawk!
Flashdance Emerson!

The girls!

The boys rocking out!!!
Annah Mary and Steve
Annah Mary and Carmen

Trish, Jacob, and Dakota
Carie, Chris, and Sutton
Drew, Amanda, and Wilson
Clay, Melody, and Lilliana
Wilson and Emerson

Shea, Emerson, and Amelia playing
Sutton, the ladies man

Sutton and Palmer - Palmer looks like she's
about to start do some leg lifts

It was great flashing back to some classic TV shows and music. The guys had a blast pretending to be a band. Aren't current video games great! Definitley beats Frogger! I think Amanda won best cosutume. Her hair was great! I thought it was a wig. I think Dakota won best baby costume for the best white trash baby look. We kept talking about that people intentionally wanted to look like that. Who knows maybe we'll look back in several years and laugh at this era. It sure was fun. Thanks to Walmart and Goodwill for supplying lots of 80's gear.


lelesgirl1962 said...

Your littlest flash dancer and baby mohawk are too cute

Love ya
Miss Lisa

Carie said...

HILARIOUS! You guys cracked me up in your flashdance outfits. What a fun time that was!!

Yankee Doodle said...

These are the funniest pictures. That party sure looked like tons of fun.