Monday, December 1, 2008

The Girls First Movie

On Thanksgiving we took the girls to see their first movie. We went to see Bolt. We debated whether or not to take Palmer with us. But she was actually the best one. My mom, sister, and neice also went with us. It was alot of fun. The girls really enjoyed it. The big girls got a kids snack pack, which they really loved. Palmer sat in my lap and ate popcorn the entire time. Here are a few pictures of our adventure.
Ryan and the girls walking up to the movie theater

My mom walking with Palmer

Ryan sitting with the girls before the movie

Emerson enjoying her popcorn

Palmer eating popcorn

Savannah and Emerson enjoying their snacks and my sister and mom in the background

Palmer watching the movie

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Annah said...

Well we have just got to get together! Amelia was looking over my shoulder at these pictures and couldn't remember Emerson's name. She was so frustrated with herself. So that just means that we need to get these little ones together soon!!! -AM