Thursday, April 23, 2009

Emerson's Goes To The Dentist

Emerson went to the dentist for the first time today. She did great and had a blast! We went to Dr. Freeman in Cordova. She opened wide and cooperated for everything. They cleaned, polished, flossed, and put floride on her teeth. No cavities!! Thank goodness, hopefully she doesn't get my teeth! She got to pick out a toy and play in the game room. She had so much fun that she didn't want to leave!

I talked to the dentist about her thumbsucking. The roof of her mouth is narrowing a little bit. He doesn't usually put appliances in for thumbsucking until 4. He wants us to try other things for the next 6 months, then we will talk about an appliance. He said most three year olds don't cooperate and understand what's going on, but she seemed to understand everything and cooperate very well, so we may do something before she turns four. Here are a few pictures of her first trip to the dentist:

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angier said...

She's such a cutie! Glad to hear the first visit was a good one. Going to the dentist was not this much fun when I was little! :)