Monday, April 13, 2009

Finally Some Answers!!

We have been worried out Palmer being small. We've been going to the Nephrologist for the past six months and the medications seem to not be working, so we were referred to the Endocrinologist. We have finally have some answers, but we still need a lot of prayer for her. The doctor called on Easter Sunday while we were at church to let us know the results. Dr. Cohen is our endocrinologist and he is wonderful!

They did bloodwork to test for all types of hormones. When they tested her IGF (Insulin like Growth Factor), the level was so low that they could not measure it. This is a marker for growth hormone deficiency. We have to go to the children's hospital, LeBonheur, for an outpatient procedure. This test will measure both her growth hormone level (which is in the pituitary gland) and her IGF (which is in the liver) to see which one is the one that is low. From there we will figure out what needs to be done. The good news is that this is something that is treatable.

Please pray for us and we figure everything out. Also, pray for Palmer's procedure, it will last about four hours. For those that know Palmer, keeping her still for four hours is not going to be fun. We do not have it set up yet, so I don't know excactly when it will be. The doctor will call us with that information. I feel much better that we have figured out what is going on, but nervous about what's to come, so please keep our entire family in your prayers. I will keep everyone updated on what we find out and what the next step will be.


Angie said...

i'm so glad that they were able to pinpoint what the problem is, and now I will be praying that they can come up with the perfect treatment plan that will work for her! i love those pictures! such a sweet girl.

kimberly davis said...

I am relieved that it is treatable! I pray for your family frequently, and I am coming to visit soon!