Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Emerson's Latest

For those of you who know Emerson very well at all, you know she's always up to something. Here's her latest. Tonight when it was dinner time she wanted to go get in her pool. I told her no and that I was getting dinner ready. Emerson and Palmer were playing nicely in the living room when I left to go fix their plates in the kitchen. I went back to get them and they were in my bathroom. Palmer walked out laughing with her hair soaking wet. I asked Emerson what she put on Palmer. She gladly told me "sunscreen". When I asked her why, she told me that they wanted to go swimming and she was putting on their sunscreen. Emerson somehow sprayed her and Palmer's right eye. They both had a swollen, red right eye. It's was crazy, the eye was red, the skin around the eye was red, they had red splotches on their forehead, and half of their nose was red. Thankfully, we just took a bath and rinsed them. By bed time the redness was almost gone. It didn't seem to stop either one of them, they were both still happy and playing. Here are a few pictures of their red eyes. Palmer's were worse than Emerson's. Somehow or another Palmer always get the short end of the stick. These pictures were after their bath at dinner saying "cheese".


Lisa said...

oh my...and just wait. Poor little Hudson really won't have a chance next summer. They will both be getting her in to mischief


OMG -- I don't see how you do it Tracy!! I think I would loose my mind!!!