Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Day at the Nephrologists Office

We went to the neurologist yesterday. We went to Dr. Noel Delos Santos. I really liked him. However, I hate the UT system. It is horrible! We were there forever!!! I've heard from my old clients how horrible the system is and I lived it yesterday. Palmer had a rought time, b/c she was hungry and tired. Anyway, to the results.

Dr. Santos still thinks that she has Type 1 RTA. He does not believe it is hereditary. He thinks it's due to a Vitamin D deficiancy. So he has put Palmer on a multivitamin and continuing her bicarbinate supplement. The doctor seems to think this is something she could possibly out grow after being on the medicines for a while, it may not be lifelong for her, which was great news. The renal ultrasound showed that her kidneys are normal and there were no calcium deposits (which is the doctor was worried about). Her kidneys are in the 5th percentile for size, but that's normal for her since she is in the 3rd percentile. So, Palmer will take her medicines for the next two months and we go back to the Nephrologist then to see how they are effecting her. Hopefully, she will grow and start to catch up a little bit.

We had a nutritionist come talk to us at the doctor's office about what Palmer eats and if that could be a possibility as to why she is small. But if you know Palmer very well at all, you know that's not the problem. She can eat most people under the table, including me. The nutritionist was very surprised at how much and the variety of what Palmer eats.The other thing is that the doctor wants us to go to see a geneticist. Palmer's glucose is a little low and that combined with her being so small could add up to something. The doctor thinks it's not very likely, but wants to make sure. So now we have to start the process to get an appointment with a geneticist.

So bacially, more waiting. Wait to see if she grows over the next two months and if the supplements are helping her. And wait to see the geneticist, which I've heard can be a long wait. Through all of this, Palmer has been great! She is a very very happy and playful little girl. She has the funniest and cutest personality and makes me laugh everyday. I just love her so much. I'll keep you all posted on her progress.

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Anonymous said...

Glad things are moving along and the news sounds like it's been pretty good so far!!! It would be awesome if all she needed were a few supplements! Thank goodness it sounds like she's really healthy and happy!!! Both of the girls look older and so cute in the pictures! We miss seeing y'all!!!