Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!!!

Emerson dressed up as a horse and Palmer dressed up as a cowgirl. They had a blast last night! We went to our church with some friends. They had trunk or treat, games in the gym, and food. Emerson picked up very quickly that all she has to say is trick or treat she people hand her candy. She was so cute doing it. Palmer followed behind her in her stroller. Then we went to our friends house, The Wrights, and went trick or treating on their street. The big girls had lots of fun trick or treating and the little ones had fun riding in the wagon. The weather was great. We stayed at the Wrights and let the kids eat some candy and play for a while. We ended our long evening by going by our friends Liz and Clay's house to show off the girls in their coustumes. We had fun hanging out with them and the girls enjoyed playing. Here are some pictures from our fun and exciting evening.

Palmer as a cowgirl and Emerson as a horse.

My little cowgirl

The girls again.

Palmer, Emerson, and Julia
Davis as Goofy and Julia as Lady
Davis and Julia again

Palmer with her gun

Emerson at trunk or treat

Julia and Emerson getting more candy

My cowgirl hanging out

My girls

The clan - Davis, Julia, Emerson, and Palmer

The three muskateers - Emerson, Chloe, and Julia

Emerson and Julia fishing for ducks

Emerson digging for treats

Going trick or treating - Emerson, Chloe, Palmer, and Quinn

Palmer enjoyoing the ride

Emerson trick or treating

Chloe and Emerson trick or treating

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